Administrative Ministry

The Trustee of Administrative Ministries will be the president of church council. The church parish coordinator shall serve as an ex-officio member of this ministry. The Trustee will be responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the congregation's administrative office.

Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  1. Recommend to council employee programs, benefits and policies.
  2. Developing, instituting and monitoring office policies and procedures.
  3. Receiving and dispatching all correspondence not of a pastoral nature.
  4. Publishing a congregational newsletter at least monthly.
  5. Recommending to church council purchasing or leasing of office equipment.
  6. Overseeing the proper maintenance of service contracts on office equipment.
  7. Coordinating the reproduction and distribution of ministry meeting minutes, council meeting minutes and other official matters.
  8. Preparing, monitoring and submitting on time all reports required by the synod and the ELCA.
  9. Preparing agenda for council and congregational meetings.
  10. Monitoring the proper handling of church offerings, accounts, billings and other transactions.
  11. Maintaining the official, parochial, historical records of the congregation.
  12. Establishing policies for maintaining current and retired files of congregation administration.
  13. Recruiting, training and monitoring of volunteers to assist in the administration activities of the congregation.
  14. Overseeing announcements and concerns to those assembled at each regularly scheduled worship service.
  15. Representing the council and the congregation in all legal, business, financial and administrative affairs.
  16. Encouraging members of the congregation to volunteer and serve in this ministry.
  17. Planning, organizing and conducting a stewardship program.
  18. Preparing for submission to the church council the proposed annual budget.
  19. Recommending to church council annual synodical benevolence goals.
  20. Organize second counter to assist Council Member with weekly offering.
  21. Periodically presenting the cause of stewardship of time, talents and treasures to the congregation through the use of Temple Talks, newsletter articles and distribution of printed materials.
  22. Recommending to council an adequate insurance program.
  23. Arranging for an annual audit of all funds.
  24. Providing the congregational treasurer and the parish coordinator with proper materials and supplies for the maintenance of necessary records.
  25. Recommending to the church council person(s) to represent the congregation on the Dreisbach Cemetery Committee and monitor his/her activities. (The representative on the Cemetery Committee will serve as an ex-officio member of the Ministry of Administration)
  26. Recommending to the church council changes in the organizational structure of the congregation to better enable her to fulfill her mission.
  27. Reviewing the church Mission Statement and recommending changes as required.