Ministry of Mutual Concerns

The Trustee of Mutual Concerns Ministries will be responsible to the council president to act out of mutual concern for the pastor, employees and congregation. In general, he/she will keep the pastor and staff advised about the conditions within the congregation and will interpret to the congregation the ministry of the pastor and staff.

Specifically, responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  1. Identifying the professional leadership needs of the congregation and seeking persons to meet those needs through congregational study at the time of pastoral vacancy and survey of leadership needs.
  2. Preparing job descriptions for all paid staff persons.
  3. Evaluating all employees of the congregation
  4. Serving on the call committee or interview group when a congregation calls a pastor or employs a lay professional.
  5. Serving as the exit interview group when a pastor or lay professional leaves the congregation.
  6. Serving as a personnel committee for the support staff of the congregation such as the secretary, organist, choir director, and sexton.
  7. Discussing continuing education opportunities with the pastor and lay professional and making recommendations to council.
  8. Sharing with the pastor and lay professional the expectations of the congregation.
  9. Providing for periodic review of the call extended to the pastor and the contract extended to the lay professional.
  10. Serving as a personal and confidential support group to pastor and lay professional.
  11. Serving as an open communication channel regarding conditions and attitudes within the congregation.
  12. Serving as agents of reconciliation in time of conflict in the congregation.
  13. Reviewing annually the details of compensation, housing, pension, and other benefits provided for the pastor and staff, and recommending such items to the Administration Ministry.
  14. Instructing ministry members to be accountable to one another for maintaining strict confidentiality of all personal information shared during their work together.