Ministry of Outreach

Approved by Committee 5/13/08

The Trustee of Outreach Ministries, in general, will be responsible to the council president for carrying out the congregational function as stated in constitution, Chapter 4. 

Specifically, responsibilities will include but not be limited to: 

  1. Planning and conducting a publicity program for the involvement of the local community in the total life of the congregation. (example: brochure, door hangers)
  2. Continuing an annual evangelism program (example: VBS, publicity for church events)
  3. Organize church events that reach out to the community. (example: Yard Sale, Mardi Gras Supper)
  4. Organizing and conducting a congregational visitation program (Prayer Partners, phone, send a card, or visit)
  5. Recruiting, training and scheduling volunteers to visit non-members who have shown an interest in the congregation. Not limited to Outreach Ministries.
  6. Recruiting, training and scheduling members to officially greet, register, and welcome visitors to our worship services and other programs.
  7. Keeping before the congregation the total church program of evangelism throughout the world.
  8. Encouraging members of the congregation to volunteer to serve in this ministry.