Ministry of Service

The Trustee of Service Ministries, in general, will be responsible to the council president for carrying out the congregational function as stated in constitution, Chapter 4.   

Specifically, responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  1. Organizing members to respond to the needs of individuals in times of emergencies, sickness, death, accidents, etc.
  2. Plan for the meal at the annual congregational meeting and church picnic.
  3. Arranging for residents of the local community needing transportation to regularly attend worship services.
  4. Recommending to church council programs designed to meet the needs of special groups in our congregation and in the local community such as senior citizens, singles, one-parent families, etc.
  5. Keeping the congregation informed through newsletter articles, Temple Talks and printed handouts concerning social, economical, political, environmental activities worthy of support or opposition on the basis of Christian principles.
  6. Informing the congregation and encouraging support of synodical and church-wide programs of social concerns.
  7. Maintaining liaison with local social agencies so that the congregation may respond to needs in areas of welfare, food programs, prisoner rehabilitation, etc.
  8. Representing the congregation in cooperative efforts with other churches in the local area in dealing with social concerns.
  9. Encouraging members of the congregation to volunteer to serve in this ministry.