Ministry of Worship

The Trustee of Worship Ministries, in general, will be responsible to the council president for carrying out the congregational function as stated in constitution Chapter 4.  

Specifically, responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  1. Scheduling regular and special worship services.
  2. Providing approved worship and devotional materials.
  3. Organizing, supporting and maintaining choirs and music programs for worship activities.
  4. Recruiting and supervising organists, musicians and choir directors.
  5. Organizing, supporting and supervising the Altar Guild and other necessary worship assistants, such as acolytes, sacristans, ushers, and lectors.
  6. Arranging for guest preachers and speakers at worship services.
  7. Encouraging members of the congregation to volunteer to serve in this ministry.
  8. Maintain musical instruments.