Ministry of Youth

The Trustee of Youth Ministries, in general, will be responsible to the council president for the total youth program of the congregation; planning, scheduling and conducting activities and opportunities of ministry for all the youth of the congregation. 

  1. Organizing the youth of the congregation into acceptable units according to age and/or interest.
  2. Recruiting, training and supporting volunteers as leaders and workers in youth ministry.
  3. Maintaining liaison with the synodical camping program.
  4. Maintaining liaison with the synodical youth program.
  5. Encouraging the participation of each youth, as eligible, in the various programs of the congregation.
  6. Recruiting youth members and adult sponsors to attend convocations, retreats and youth gatherings conducted by the synod and the church at large.
  7. Providing for an annual Youth Recognition Sunday.
  8. Maintaining contact with youth of the congregation who are attending schools out of the local area or serving in the armed forces.
  9. Encouraging members of the congregation to serve in this ministry.